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Bamboo Wood substitute

Bamboo window

The bamboo elements (squares, moldings) are very stable, ie warping-free. The surfaces can be pai... [more]

Bamboo slatted

Slats are made of laminated veneer stark. They are the essential, vital constituent of slats in bed ... [more]

Bamboo Furniture

Manufacturing of bamboo plates can occur with slats either being processed upright or flat. When usi... [more]

Bamboo and Teak armrest

The picture above shows a bamboo armrest on top and a Teak armrest below. Since glued bamboo element... [more]

Bamboo bed frames

Bamboo bed frames with built-in bamboo support slats.
  • Bamboo is the material of the futur... [more]

Bamboo plank

Reserves near the equator Features: small porous, dimensionally stable Growth: wit... [more]

Bamboo Charcoal

Bamboo charcoal has the advantage to burn without smoke and fumes. The bamboo charcoal is very di... [more]

Bamboo solid sheet

The plate provides raw material for furniture (e.g. kitchen plates). The surface is so hard and d... [more]

Bamboo pallets

Bamboo pellets are pressed from dried and milled bamboo material without binder. Since they have a h... [more]

Bamboo sandwich panel

The plates are being used in different dimensions in the construction sector, i.e. formwork panels. ... [more]

Bamboo veneer sanding

The starting material for grinding veneer is thick veneer. Molded, sanded and surface treated it ... [more]

Bamboo thick veneer

The veneers have a thickness of 2 to 5 mm. They are available as final products (gluing surfaces... [more]

Bamboo Stair

The entire staircase with 15 steps is made of three-ply bamboo plates. The lamellae of the two outer... [more]