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Bamboo – a plea for the raw material of the future

  • The plant is a jack of all trades. From bamboo, almost everything can be made ​​. Because it is superior to all other plants and raw materials.

  • Within 5 years, a leave can reach 30 meters in height, but it can be harvested and processed earlier.

  • Harvesting is done entirely by hand. Due to the high use of manual labor, the workforce for harvesting and processing can be allocated in the bamboo generating countries and be regarded as a form of "development aid".

  • Meanwhile, the plant is used in reforestation because of its rapid growth and longevity, as in Southern Africa and South America. Bamboo also grows in South and South-East Europe all the way to the Caucasus.

  • These resources so far have not been included in any "usage consideration".

  • Bamboo is currently mostly used as a wood supplemental or as a wood substitute. That was the most obvious solution because blades can be harvested after max. 5 years and the rhizomes (rootstock) automatically grow new stalks.

  • A conifer can only be used after 100 to 110 years of growth and a deciduous tree (e.g. oak) needs a minimum of about 80 years. Then trees must be replanted elsewhere.

  • The new focus in the study of bamboo has moved to fiber usage. Because of the wide variety of applications in the industry, bamboo might become a raw material alternative to the resource-poor export country Germany.