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Working groups

  • To support the achievement of the purpose of the Statute pursuant to § 2 of its statutes - such as for providing advice to companies as part of the Lower Saxony regional initiative - working groups will be established.

  • Working groups are initiated by members of the Board or Advisory Board and are made up of employees of the member companies and members of the association. Membership is needed in order to participate in the working groups. Working groups meet at least twice a year.

  • Each group chooses a leader. The leader has to report to the Board of Directors, Advisory Board and the office about ongoing activities of the working group and also be the contact person.

  • The group leader is responsible to invite members to group meetings and to coordinate all substantive and technical work. He/she is supported by the office.

  • The working groups have to annually disclose their previous year financial activities at the Annual General Meeting.