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Bamboo and Teak armrest

The picture above shows a bamboo armrest on top and a Teak armrest below. Since glued bamboo element... [more]

Bamboo bed frames

Bamboo bed frames with built-in bamboo support slats.
  • Bamboo is the material of the futur... [more]

Bamboo beer

Bamboo beer is brewed from mountain spring water with additions of bamboo extracts, so-called Biofla... [more]

Bamboo Charcoal

Bamboo charcoal has the advantage to burn without smoke and fumes. The bamboo charcoal is very di... [more]

Bamboo fiber mat

Bamboo fibers are significantly longer than other natural fibers and they are also flexible and do n... [more]

Bamboo fibers

From the bamboo fibers (Fig. 1) to the viscose (Fig. 2, right), the fiber material can be processed ... [more]

Bamboo Furniture

Manufacturing of bamboo plates can occur with slats either being processed upright or flat. When usi... [more]

Bamboo Grove

You probably know bamboo as an ornamental plant in gardens? Bamboo is biologically an evergreen s... [more]

Bamboo leaves

The leaves are the raw material found in food (e.g. beer) but are also processed in cosmetics and so... [more]

Bamboo pallets

Bamboo pellets are pressed from dried and milled bamboo material without binder. Since they have a h... [more]

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