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Organic bamboo fiber manufacturing

by Spengler Technology GmbH

Maximilian Ernst Spengler is known for the development, design and construction of facilities for natural fiber products and their processing. For several decades, he characterizes this industry with his innovations as a visionary for natural fibers and their applications.

With his newest invention E. Spengler has developed a bamboo fiber system, for the ecological recovery of bamboo fibers from raw bamboo. For the first time bamboo fibers

- are no longer chemically dissolved by the use of acetic acid or calcium oxide,


- are environmental friendly/environmentally, recovered from the raw bamboo by a fiber thriller.

The basic principle:

Organic bamboo fiber manufacturing
Organic bamboo fiber manufacturing

Conventionally produced bamboo fibers
Conventionally produced bamboo fibers

Cleaved raw bamboo is loaded into the machine. The fiber shredder tears up to 120 mm long fibers from the raw bamboo.

Series-connected bamboo fiber thriller machines produce fiber in coarse/medium/fine quality. The fibers can easily be further processed to:
  • Set / webs / needled mats / prepregs

  • Fillers, BFK bamboo fiber reinforce plastics as an alternative to the WPC wood plastics/ Compounds

  • or for hybrid components in conjunction with CFK/GFK coal-/glass fiber reinforced plastics for structural components

Benefits of bamboo fiber ecological obtained:

  • The mechanical properties of the bamboo fiber, such as hardness and tensile strength are maintained by the ecological fiber tear

  • Production of long fibers that are required for certain processing options (LFI Long Fiber Injection Molding)

  • 80% fiber yield from raw bamboo. 20% bamboo residual materials, such as bamboo snippets/bamboo dust, lignin are obtained in the filter circuit and can be used for other bamboo products

  • and much more

The Markets in Focus

Construction, building technology
  • Concrete reinforcement, lightweight concrete, thermal and acoustic insulation, partition systems
Energy Economy
  • Energy recovery, Pallets/RRM power plants (renewable raw material power plants)
Automotive industry, automotive engineering, railway vehicles, aviation
  • Indoor facilities (cargo floor, trim parts, etc.)

  • GMT/LFT/injection molding for underbody paneling, spare tire, rear shelf, battery box (LFT/GMT), front-end (injection molding), an engine cowling (SMC), structural components

  • High-strength thin-walled surface components with hybrid fiber construction from carbon fiber fabric/bamboo fiber webs (trim components for road, rail and water transport)

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