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Bamboo plank

Reserves near the equator

Features: small porous, dimensionally stable
Growth: within 5 years up to 30 meters
Bamboo density: 1.11 g/cm3
Dimensional and shape stability: medium - high
Brinell hardness: 9,84
Characteristics: high machinability, good adhesive properties, high dimensional stability
Compressive strength: 176
Bending modulus of elasticity (N/mm2): 17.000


For comparison - > Bongossi plank

Occurrence in West Africa (Cameroon)

Features: large pores, alternately spirally grown
Growth: 80 years and up to 50 meters
Bongossi density: 0.94 g/cm3
Dimensional shape stability: low to medium
Hardness according to Brinell : 5.5
Features: Difficult to glue, hardly absorbent, strong tendency to warp and crack formation, strong dimensional change.
Compressive strength: 108
Bending modulus of elasticity (N/mm2): 15.000


Planks and scantlings are made of bamboo slats.

They are the design elements for end products for indoor and outdoor use such as frames, windows, doors, veneers, furniture and also equestrian systems (boxes).

You can also find wood as supplement or replacement material.

Bamboo planks have very excellent features.

These include

- Dimensional stability
- Torsional stiffness
- Low shrinkage allowances.

From the o Gen. reasons, they are suited for the production of equestrian sport systems such as horse boxes.

Photo (scantlings and boards): © elephant bamboo products
Photo ( Pferdeboxsystem ) : © Röwer & Rüb